Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's in a Name?

So we've come across a little dilema. We've chosen the name Keira for our baby girl. We also had chosen the middle name Jolie. Could possibly call her KJ for short? Super cute & I love the name. However, befoe we chose Jolie we thought about giving her a family name. My grandma's middle name is Mae, hmmm...possibly, but I got over it. Tommy's grandma's name is Viola. I said no to that, but kept asking him to find out what her middle name is. It just so happens her middle name is Belle, which is also super cute. So now what do we do? My other girls have middle names inspired by family members. Alexa Rose comes from her great-grandmother Rosemary. Brielle Angelina comes from my dad Angel. It would just seem right to continue the tradition. But then again, I really like Jolie. And the name flows so beautifully. So, for those of you who read this and haven't voted yet I set up a baby name poll. I'd love to get your vote, and of course, as always, I'd love some feedback.

The names are:
Keira Jolie Kessler
Keira Belle Kessler
Keira Mae Kessler
Keira Mae Belle Kessler