Saturday, February 27, 2010

8 Down ~ 32 to Go

I missed my 8 week post on Thursday. That was my offical 8 weeks, so today I am 8 weeks & 2 Days. I have been so tired! I forget how much it really takes out of you. It's such a small thing in size, but huge things are happening!

Well, here's a picture at 8 weeks. Crazy huh? Seems like I shouldn't be showing yet. I do remember showing quite quickly w/ my 2nd, so I'm not suprised this time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7

Here were are at week 7. This week actually has be a bit more mild. The random nausea has ceased & I mostly feel it in the morning. But once I get a little food in my tummy I seem to be okay! I'm still so tired. I actually took a 15 min. snooze on a couch in our break area at work on Tuesday. I have to say, it did help. My baby bump is here. At 7 weeks! So freakin' crazy!!! I remember showing a lot faster w/ Brielle too, so I guess I'm not suprised. I've increased a belt notch, but my pants of course still fit just fine. I can see my baby bump, but I don't think it's that noticable to others, at least not yet. I'm trying to keep my activity levels up, but it's so stinkin' hard. I'm tired and starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. I'll do it where I can. The 2nd & 3rd months are hard for me because I won't look pregnant, just like I'm putting on the pounds. I don't like that feeling. I'd rather just look pregnant. I've been craving salty foods this week. I wonder what that's all about? Salty & starchy. I better be careful with that craving!

All in all it's good. All the "icky" stuff is just a happy reminder of the miracle that is mine (and Tommy's).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

6 weeks!

I had my first appt. today. All went well. I think I'm happy w/ my choice of going to Willamette Valley Midwives. I'll be delivering at Salem Hospital. Today we just talked a lot, then I went over to the lab & they did blood work. Fun stuff huh? LOL!

On another note...I don't think I've ever been kicked out of anything! Until now. I've recently been kicked out of Weight Watchers. All you have to do is get pregnant. Then you're out the door! LOL! It's all good. At least I'm armed with the know how to manage my weight gain during pregnancy.

Update on how I've been feeling: Hmmmmm...where do I start? Nausea at random times during the day. I wake up every night to pee, and sometimes that's even accompanied by nausea. Last night I woke up with the worst cramp right below my right shoulder blade. Oh my did it hurt. It hurt to breath. On top of that that stupid wave of nausea hit really hard. Thank goodness for my husband. He's so great! This is only the beginning. We have a long road ahead of us. Wish us luck! He He.

Have a great night all...until next time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I made it through

Well, I made it through the Superbowl. What I mean is, great friends, good food, LOTS to drink. This is actually my second time being in this situation. I know huh? I've only known for a week and a half. Well, two weekends in a row. Last weekend I met w/ some friends at a local bar. This had been planned for quite a while, so I went, and drank water and 1 diet coke. Tonight I brought my own Root Beer. As hard as I anticipated it would be (The "really, I can't have drinks w/ my friends"), it's quite easy. How can it not be? My precious bean has a lot of growing to do. It makes it easier, but I have to admit there are times when I'm like, well, that kinda sucks! I'm going to a Blazer game on the 19th w/ a friend, no beers there. We're going to the Great Wolf Lodge in April, no water slides for me. What's camping going to be like? Uncomfortable. Oh, and no softball this year either. LOL! Oh well, it's all for the good of the order. :o) And I'm more than happy to make these small sacrifices.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 weeks

Today I am 5 weeks! Things are going well. I have my first appt. on the 11th. I decided to go back to the Salem Women's Clinic. It's a group of Nurse Midwives. You see them all throughout your pregnancy, and who ever is on that night will be the one to deliver. I saw them with both Alexa & Brielle. Both pregnancies went well with no complications and they did great. If it's not broke don't fix it, right? Our family Dr. no longer practices OB, which is fine b/c I don't want to deliver in Stayton anyway.

I've had a little nausea here & there, but not super horrible. No real food cravings yet, but definately some food aversions. LOL!

I've tried to talk names w/ Tommy. He said the same thing this time as he did last time. "Let's wait and see what we're having first, then talk about names". Whatever! That's boring! If we have a boy he wants a Thomas Dean Kessler Jr. We'd call him T.K. I'm still not sold on it yet thought. I kind of want to give him his own name you know? Any thoughts? I thought maybe we could still do a "T" name, but I haven't come across any that I like. For girl names, I really like Emmalyn. Not sure on a middle name yet. The thing is that Emma is really popular right now, and of course, most likely Emmalyn would be shortened to Emma. Maybe. There is so much thought that goes into a name. It's their identity. I have to make sure it's a good one. The thing is, once they're here the name will fit.