Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the answer is....

Well, here it is, January 28th. It's been 29 days since I started my last period. A little longer than usual. For the most part I've been feeling like my normal self. Although, I have been a little tired this week. But not so out of the ordinary tired. I decide I can't contain myself anymore and stop by the store on the way home. I had to pick up some stuff to go w/ dinner anyway. I wait for Tommy to get home, even though I really want to get this show on the road. I start cutting up the chicken (for burritos), and Tommy soaks in the tub. He pulled a muscle in his lower back. I finally go into the bathroom so we can do this thing together. I'm tired of the disappointment, but this time I'm okay. I know I'll be bummed, but also know that our life is great the way it is and we will continue forward with our girls.

I do it, I pee on the stick! Pop the lid back on, clean it up & watch as the fluid flows into the circle area. Two lines I'm pregnant, one I'm not. Immediately that first line appears..."No Way!" I laugh, I smile, I'm in total shock!!! Two lines! We're having a baby!!! Another baby!!! Our last baby!!! So many emotions. Excitement, joy, fear, uncertainty, happiness, shock! You name it, I'm feelin' it. I go back downstairs to finish cooking dinner. Tommy comes down and puts his hands on my tummy & gives me a kiss.

We've told the girls, our parents, and a few friends. Well, I've told a few friends. The girls are happy. The first thing Brielle asked was if it was going to be a boy or a girl. Then she said if it's a boy we should name it Tommy and if it's a girl we should name it Brielle. Very cute! When I was tucking her into bed tonight we talked a little more about it. She says, "Mom, will I still be me?" Awwww...of course you will sweetheart. It's going to be hard looking at this through her eyes, but I'm going to do my best to make this a joyful transition for her.

According to the online calculators my due date is October 7, and my baby is the size of a poppy seed.

I am so excited that I get to continue with my baby journey. This is not the end, but only the beginning of this wonderful miracle. I'm glad I have you all to share it with. All the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things about pregnancy. Even more, I'm glad I have a place to document it all. Now I will forever remember this day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We've Made a Decision...I Think

So, we've really really made our decision....I think. We're pretty certain we're done trying if we don't concieve this month. Here's the thing though, I'm expecting to start ANY DAY!!! I'm getting kind of nervous now. I should know for sure by Friday (or Satruday) at the latest. So check back soon. But I'm so nervous I'm considering buying another test just so I know for sure. Since we've been trying I've really been keeping track, seems that I'm not so "regular" after all. So I'm still like...I could start tomorrow, or Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday. Kinda suprised I haven't yet, but nothing "feels" different. On the contrary I feel quite the same. Well, anyway, I'll be back on in a few days with an answer to the ultimate question.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'll keep you all posted

I started this specific blog a few months ago because my husband and I were sure that we wanted to have another baby. Just one more! :o) I know it hasn't really been that long, but the more it doesn't happen the more time it gives me to really think about it. Do I really want to do this again? There are so many pros & cons. At the moment the cons our outweighing the pros. We've decided that if it doesn't happen this month (And I'm not really feelin' it you know?), that we are going to wait until June to start trying again. That is IF we decide to start trying again. If we don't, well then, Tommy will go in for that fun little office procedure :o)

I have so much on my mind but I can't get it all out! I'll keep you all posted.

Monday, January 11, 2010

No new news

Nothing new to report. Tommy & I have our moments where we're still a little back & forth. Should we or shouldn't we? With all the cons there are pros & with all the pros there are cons. I do think we're going to try again this month. If it doesn't happen then we'll probably take a break for a bit & start trying again early June. Trying to avoid having a baby in Nov., Dec., or January. Tommy's bday is in Dec. & Kendra is in January (with Christmas right in between). It would be kind of nice to have another spring baby. It's so uncomfortable to be pregnant in the summer time. But fall would be cool too. We don't have a fall bday yet. :o)

We'll see what happens. I'm just going to not worry about it. If it happens it happens. If it doesn't I just might sign up for that triathalon I've had my eye on, or rock climb Smith Rock. I've always wanted to do both of those things.