Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6 Months

I am soooo bad. It's summertime though, it's so hard to sit down and spend a whole lot of time on the computer. So now I have to try to remember what my 6th month was all about. This is exactly why I need to do this stuff while it's happening. The picture is also late in my 6th month. Oh is what it is. :o)

Well, lots & lots of movement from little miss Keira. Oh, and we decided on Keira Belle Kessler. Brielle just loves my growing belly. She's touching it all the time. Whenever she lays by me she'll rub my tummy. It's so stinkin' cute. I've been feeling pretty good still so far. It may be a different story for month 7 (which I'm currently in), but I can't write about that yet. Still feelin' pretty good & loving all the movement. Can't wait to lay down and watch my tummy move. I remember those were favorite moments when I was pregnant with both Alexa & Brielle.

I think often about what I think she'll look like. I'm sure I was way off with Brielle. I never would've thought I'd have this cutie pie w/ blond hair and blue eyes. Tommy would say all the time that she was going to have bule eyes. Although I wanted her to, I'd tell him that chances are they'll be brown. Sure enough...they were blue. And you could tell from the day she was born that they were going to be. Of course now he's saying the same thing. Blue eyes for Keria. I'm going with brown this time. And maybe she'll get my dark curly hair. You never know though. I'm really just hoping she just comes out strong and healthy and that we have no complications.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's in a Name?

So we've come across a little dilema. We've chosen the name Keira for our baby girl. We also had chosen the middle name Jolie. Could possibly call her KJ for short? Super cute & I love the name. However, befoe we chose Jolie we thought about giving her a family name. My grandma's middle name is Mae, hmmm...possibly, but I got over it. Tommy's grandma's name is Viola. I said no to that, but kept asking him to find out what her middle name is. It just so happens her middle name is Belle, which is also super cute. So now what do we do? My other girls have middle names inspired by family members. Alexa Rose comes from her great-grandmother Rosemary. Brielle Angelina comes from my dad Angel. It would just seem right to continue the tradition. But then again, I really like Jolie. And the name flows so beautifully. So, for those of you who read this and haven't voted yet I set up a baby name poll. I'd love to get your vote, and of course, as always, I'd love some feedback.

The names are:
Keira Jolie Kessler
Keira Belle Kessler
Keira Mae Kessler
Keira Mae Belle Kessler

Monday, May 31, 2010

Diaper Bag

I was gone for most of the weekend, but ordered a really cute diaper bag earlier last week. I was hoping it would be here when I got back. I was bummed that UPS didn't drop it off, but when I went to track my package online, I noticed that it had been scanned in at the the post office in Salem. Sure enough it came through the postal service so it's here!!! Yeah!

I did a lot of research for a good bag. This one is made by JJ Cole ( I bought it through Babies R Us & found this paticular print at a $20 discount. I checked again today & it's back up to regular price, so I'm super excited that I saved some $$$.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

5 Months

Yeah! Half way through my journey. It has been amazing so far. This week has been no exception. On May 21st I went in for my 20 week ultrasound. The baby looks amazing and we found out we're having a girl. Yes, another girl. Girl #4 for us. :o)

Tommy was a little bummed out at first. He was glad that she was healthy and that everything looked good. But I have to say, once we found out he was very quiet. Of couse he is better now.

After the ultrasound I took the girls to Target to pick out some clothes. Tommy had to drop Kendra off (she was babysitting), so they didn't come along. I let Tommy off the hook, I knew I had to give him a little time to adjust and let it all sink in. Alexa, Brielle & I had so much fun picking out clothes.

Before finding out we hadn't talked much about names. Tommy really wanted to wait until we knew. Once we found out I felt like the "name game" consumed me. We talked and talked about names, and in less than a week we've chosen a name for our baby girl.
Keira Jolie Kessler

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weeks 18 & 19

I can't believe I forgot to post for week 18! I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow & not a whole lot has changed, so I think this time I'll just combine the two. I'm sure more has happened than I think, but when I post week to week the changes usually seem smaller to me, although huge things are happening every day! Well, the most exciting news I have is that I have my ultrasound appt. is scheduled for May 21st at 3:30. I am so stinkin' excited! I can't wait to see this baby and to start shopping for pink or blue. Most of you know, with 3 girls already, we are hoping for a boy. But as long as we have a healthy baby I'll be happy. Our girls are so wonderful & so sweet, I really don't know what I'd do w/a boy. I'd love to find out though. :o)

We've talked a little about names, but not much. Tommy wants to wait until we know what we're having, so it's a lost battle right now. Although he did come up w/ a girls name the other day. I didn't really like it though. Only 9 more days until we find out & really start talking about names. All I know is that if it's a boy it's middle name will most likely be Thomas. So my ultrasound I will be 20 weeks & 1 day, so I will make sure to post belly & ultrasound pics.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 17

Week 17 was spent in California. Baby & I went on a plane ride. We went to San Diego for Arfar's (my grandfather) funeral. The trip was bittersweet, but it was nice to see family. There isn't really anything new & exciting to report this week as far as the pregnancy goes. But I still wanted to check in. Thursday is my next Dr. appt. I can't wait to get my ultrasound appt. scheduled. I'm so excited to see my baby. Really hoping there will be some cooperation & we'll get to see boy or girl parts.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

16 Weeks

Yes, again I am late on my 16 week post.

16 weeks ~ 4 months! WOW!!! This pregnancy is going by quickly, and there is still so much to look forward to. The most exciting news is that I felt my little pumpkin move for the very first time on Monday, April 19. I was squatting in front of my closet picking out a pair of shoes when I felt the first little "flutter". That's the best way I know how to describe it. It was wonderful. In the last week I've felt a few more little movements here & there. It' pretty cool. I love it!!!