Sunday, May 30, 2010

5 Months

Yeah! Half way through my journey. It has been amazing so far. This week has been no exception. On May 21st I went in for my 20 week ultrasound. The baby looks amazing and we found out we're having a girl. Yes, another girl. Girl #4 for us. :o)

Tommy was a little bummed out at first. He was glad that she was healthy and that everything looked good. But I have to say, once we found out he was very quiet. Of couse he is better now.

After the ultrasound I took the girls to Target to pick out some clothes. Tommy had to drop Kendra off (she was babysitting), so they didn't come along. I let Tommy off the hook, I knew I had to give him a little time to adjust and let it all sink in. Alexa, Brielle & I had so much fun picking out clothes.

Before finding out we hadn't talked much about names. Tommy really wanted to wait until we knew. Once we found out I felt like the "name game" consumed me. We talked and talked about names, and in less than a week we've chosen a name for our baby girl.
Keira Jolie Kessler


  1. Yeah! Congratulations!!! The girls did good picking out clothes, they are adorable! I love love love her name too! Don't forge to hit up the Old Navy clearance racks, I have scored some way cute baby clothes for really cheap! Just a few more months and we get to put faces to these names!

  2. Love her name! Cute cute CUTE clothes!! Cogratulations, I'm so happy for you guy! : )