Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6 Months

I am soooo bad. It's summertime though, it's so hard to sit down and spend a whole lot of time on the computer. So now I have to try to remember what my 6th month was all about. This is exactly why I need to do this stuff while it's happening. The picture is also late in my 6th month. Oh is what it is. :o)

Well, lots & lots of movement from little miss Keira. Oh, and we decided on Keira Belle Kessler. Brielle just loves my growing belly. She's touching it all the time. Whenever she lays by me she'll rub my tummy. It's so stinkin' cute. I've been feeling pretty good still so far. It may be a different story for month 7 (which I'm currently in), but I can't write about that yet. Still feelin' pretty good & loving all the movement. Can't wait to lay down and watch my tummy move. I remember those were favorite moments when I was pregnant with both Alexa & Brielle.

I think often about what I think she'll look like. I'm sure I was way off with Brielle. I never would've thought I'd have this cutie pie w/ blond hair and blue eyes. Tommy would say all the time that she was going to have bule eyes. Although I wanted her to, I'd tell him that chances are they'll be brown. Sure enough...they were blue. And you could tell from the day she was born that they were going to be. Of course now he's saying the same thing. Blue eyes for Keria. I'm going with brown this time. And maybe she'll get my dark curly hair. You never know though. I'm really just hoping she just comes out strong and healthy and that we have no complications.

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  1. So cute! You are looking amazing! I can't wait to see what lil' miss Keira looks like too!